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Jasmine Aw

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17,10th December 1993
我是個F迷! 超愛LOLLIPOP F♥
I'm a 2PM fans,HOTTEST ♥
I ♥ 2PM


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By zhuxiaomei93 · September 9, 2011
Recently I'm interested in this Daegu Namja! :p He's so cute!
Of course,I won't forget about my love,Ok Taecyeon! :D HAHAHAHA~
2PM show is soooo nice!!! :D All of them are so cute and funny especially this Daegu Namja! HAHAHA!
Not only Junsu is funny,Chansung,Wooyoung and Taec too!
By zhuxiaomei93 · September 4, 2011

2PM is coming to Singapore in November 19 for the Asia Tour! :D

By zhuxiaomei93 · February 19, 2010

Friends, do take note that i will be changing my blog to blogger :]
I will be posting on both sides , but i guess from now on is mostly blogger !
So friends, do link me up in http://hottest-2pmisloved.blogspot.com/

PS, i wont delete my blog here , so .... onsugar will still be using but not that often :]

By zhuxiaomei93 · February 14, 2010


woke up in 9am to prepare myself,i totally forgotten 172 have drama award!
Nothing much special also. Around 10 plus went out from house and head to cousin house.
Eat quite alot of things there !!! And so, im getting fatter and fatter !
Around 2pm, went off and head to our next place, my grandma house.
Slack there, did the same things every year !
And , OH MY GOD , Saw people wearing SEXY DIAMOND shirt !
Keep staring at the shirt , not that guy of course ! Ahem ! hahaha ~
And got msn from a SUPER CUTE kid ! hahahaha ~ *Cousin Cousin* !
Back home at around 8 plus, super tired :[
Tomorrow still need go to 3 places , and hope will be fun :]
See ya tomorrow, YGT <3

160 days, oppa left us ...

By zhuxiaomei93 · February 9, 2010

Guess who's birthday today ?
No other then Hankyung and our dear Ziting :]

For Hankyung,
오빠 새일추가 :]
Lots of things happening in super junior, and ELF surely miss you in SS2 !!
Hope you will be back with super junior because SUPER JUNIOR always 13 :]

For Ziting,
Happy Birthday !! All the best to you and .....
Stay pretty always ^^ Meet up soon ok !! Take care ya <3

Today lesson was normal i guess ?
And yeah yeah, i wanted to mention something, which is ..
Thanks xiaoting for your Siew Mai !!!! I appreciate it !!!!
During art lesson was very super funny because of that Tingwei !!
He was so cute and funny lo ~~~ SHHH ~~~~
After that was having our history test then break time.
When back to class as we are too lazy to go out of school, then chat with wei teck !
He was so funny lo. Didnt listen to what grace is saying !
I guess whole class was full of our laughter ...
We chat about "people" , holidays , zoo and alot more ..
WTF , WAS SO FUNNY TODAY !! (PS,not scolding anyone!! :p )
But there are still idiots out there too ... IRRITATING ?

155 days , oppa left us ....

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