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17,10th December 1993
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By zhuxiaomei93 · October 3, 2009

JYGT went out study together today =)

Yesteday went RP study with XiaoTing and Yianni , and also thanks xiaoting for accompany wait for my mother :]

Today went RP study also , saw someone also studying there ~ SHOCK ! hahaha ~

After that , went to my house to eat dinner .. Quite fun and we keep laughing for some reason ~

Mostly because of xiaoting done things that are funny .. !! and so ,my house was full of JYGT laughter !

Went to Yianni house there to play fireworks ~ And this is my first time celebrating with friends , esp JYGT !

And conclusion , JYGT is CRAZY ! hahaha ! Esp XiaoTing .. She went  crazy today ~ keep on laughing ..

JYGT plays around together .. laugh together ..

Yeah,Finally here to edit picture that taken on the lantern festival =)

I wanted to say was that " Candles will melt,but our friendship wont melt so easily"

That day,really having alot alot alot fun with JYGT !!

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